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ADT Pulse® Costs the Same as a Cup of Coffee Per Day

ADT Pulse® costs only a little more than a dollar per day, just like all of ADT’s security system packages, and offers you the extra control and peace of mind you deserve. All of ADT packages come with the best home security equipment in the industry, including a wireless keypad, entryway protectors, motion detector and high-decibel alarm siren. But to get ADT Pulse® security, you’ll need to order the Pulse® Premium Protection package. Call 1-866-293-0557 to learn more about ADT, or to see if ADT Pulse® security is a solution that’s right for you.

ADT Pulse® Security — What is It?

ADT Pulse® security is simply a way for you to stay connected with and to control your home security system through your computer or smartphone, no matter where you may be. ADT Pulse® security lets you arm and disarm your security system remotely. Imagine the convenience of this feature! This is perfect for those who live a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to double-check to see if they’ve armed their home security system. It’s also perfect for the more forgetful folks, and every family has one of those!

ADT Pulse® security also sends you text and email alerts when someone punches in your security code. If you have kids, this is a great way to be informed when they arrive home from school. ADT Pulse® security also lets you know when your home security system goes off, so you can take appropriate action.

Ask about security cameras and lamp modules — both optional home security equipment features that come in the Pulse® package. A security camera provides an extra layer of protection and records events whenever the alarm goes off. Lamp modules give you the power to turn your lights on and off from remote locations using your mobile devices.

Security monitoring has never been this convenient! Call 1-866-293-0557.

How You Can Use ADT Pulse® Security

  • If you get to work, brew your cup of coffee and all of a sudden realize you forgot to arm your home security system, you can arm it instantly so that your home and valuables are protected.
  • Imagine sitting at a nice restaurant with your friends and getting a phone call from your neighbor, who has found your cat. Without ADT Pulse® security, you wouldn’t be able to remotely disarm yourADT home security system so that your neighbor can let your cat back in.
  • If you get an ADT Pulse® security update indicating that your home alarm has gone off, you can meet law enforcement there so you can help them investigate the emergency.
  • If your kids get home before you do, you can get peace of mind when you get email updates when they arrive home and even turn the lights on before they get home if it's dark.
  • Save energy by turning off your lights when you're not home. Turn them on when it gets dark to make it look like someone is home. Burglars may be less likely to target an occupied house.

ADT Pulse Cost — Is it Worth It?

ADT Pulse®’s cost is not out-of-line with the most sophisticated security technology. No matter what package you get, including Pulse® Premium Protection, you’ll never pay more than a little over a dollar per day. It’s just up to you to determine if what ADT Pulse® costs is worth it to you. For most homeowners who like the idea of having control over their home’s security, ADT Pulse® security is a great value.

Call 1-866-293-0557 today to learn more about ADT Pulse® costs and which ADT home security package best fits your needs.