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ADT Monitored Home Security Prices and Packages

ADT Security Systems Features the Best in Technology and Innovation

Your home’s security starts with your ADT security system, which is included when you subscribe to monthly monitoring. It’s important to remember that not all security systems are created equal. ADT security systems are not only the best in the industry, but they also feature extra perks and features that you can’t get from other companies. ADT security systems also are easy-to-use, so even children, elderly family members, and those who haven’t a clue about technology can operate the system.

Call today to learn more about ADT and find out why ADT security systems are the best in the industry. You’ll find that for the value you get, ADT pricing is the best rate around. And it never hurts to be in the hands of America’s #1 security services provider.

Basic ADT Security System Components

Most home security systems have components that are alike or similar, simply because that’s the industry standard. ADT security systems take it a step further by not only providing the best systems, but offering seamless wireless integration and home monitoring for you and your family. ADT security systems consist of all the crucial components that help safeguard your home.

ADT Wireless Digital Keypad

ADT security systems come with a wireless digital keypad that acts as the central hub of your home security system. From this panel, you can arm or disarm your security system. The keypad also features manual emergency dispatch for your local police, fire and medical agency so you can get help even if your ADT security system alarm doesn’t go off.

ADT Three Points of Protection

ADT security systems include entryway protectors for your home’s major entrances. These devices detect when someone is trying to break into your home, and trigger a high-decibel alarm siren so ADT’s monitoring centers can receive a signal to act on the situation. You can also add more of these devices if you have a larger home or more doors and windows.

ADT Interior Motion Detector

Similar to the three points of protection, this component of your ADT security system is responsible for monitoring the motions inside your home. If you’re asleep and a criminal passes by the motion sensor, it also triggers a loud alarm. The motion detector also has a pet-friendly setting, which prevents false alarms resulting from the movements of your pets.

ADT High-Decibel Alarm Siren

When your ADT security system detects a threat in or around your home, you want to be notified by the loudest alarm possible. ADT’s high-decibel alarm siren is about as loud a police siren, meaning you can both scare burglars away and alert yourself and your neighbors when there is a break in attempt.

ADT Perks and Accessories

  • Backup Battery: With this device, ADT security systems can operate up to 12 hours if you lose power.
  • Wireless Keychain Remote: For a limited time with ADT security systems, you can get this convenient remote control device to arm and disarm your system from up to 50 feet away.
  • Yard Sign and Window Decal: ADT security systems come with a yard sign and window decals so you can let everyone in the community — including potential burglars — know that your home is protected.

ADT Security Systems: Packages and Pricing

Essentials package: $36.99/month

  • Basic ADT Security System Components & Perks

Essentials Plus package: $42.99/month

  • Basic ADT Security System Components & Perks
  • ADT Two-Way Voice capability: Two-Way Voice capability lets you communicate directly with an ADT monitoring center professional even if you can’t get to a phone. Your wireless keypad turns into an intercom system when your alarm goes off, ADT can hear everything that’s going on inside of your home, and they can help guide you through your emergency.

Total Protection package: $44.99/month

  • Basic ADT Security System Components & Perks
  • ADT CellGuard® technology: Years ago, you had to have a home land line phone to get ADT security systems. Not anymore. ADT CellGuard® enables your home security system to link up with ADT’s monitoring centers via cellular radio signal. This is the perfect option for homeowners who use cell phones as their primary communication tools.

Total Protection Plus package: $47.99/month

  • Basic ADT Security System Components & Perks
  • ADT Two-Way Voice capability
  • ADT CellGuard® technology

Pulse® Premium Protection package: $53.99/month

  • Basic ADT Security System Components & Perks
  • ADT Pulse® technology: ADT Pulse® lets you stay connected with your home and its security system even when you’re away. ADT security systems with Pulse® technology can be remotely armed and disarmed from your car or office. Just use a smartphone, PC or tablet to get complete control over your system. Pulse® also sends you updates by email or text message if something happens at your home while you're gone. Looking for extra protection? Upgrade your plan to include home security equipment like security cameras and lamp modules. The lamp modules plug into any electrical outlet and give you the power to remotely turn lights on and off when you're not home. The security camera captures events that happen once the alarm is activated. Be sure to ask a security specialist how to provide extra protection to your home when you call and order the Pulse® package today!

ADT security systems offer the best equipment that result in the most efficient response for you and your family. To learn more about ADT pricing, and to find an ADT security system that’s right for you, call 1-866-293-0557 now!